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Cecily Neville – Mother of Kings

Discover the true story of Richard III’s mother.

Elizabeth Woodville – A Life

The real story of the White Queen.

Tommy, Doughboy, Fritz

Soldier Slang of World War I.

Titanic & Her Sisters

The story of the Olympic-class ships.

The Cotswold House

The complete illustrated history of the Cotswold home.

Exciting New Spring Releases from Amberley Publishing

This Spring we have some exciting new releases to add to your collection. How to Drive a Car is a fascinating insight into driving in the 1920s and 30s. Murder House of London Which of London's Most Gruesome murders happened in your street? Also available in paperback Cardiff & the Vale in the First World War, Muhammad Ali Tyneside 1977 and The Norfolk Broads: The Biography.

How to Drive a Car Murder House of London Cardiff & the Vale in the First World War Muhammad Ali Tyneside 1977 The Norfolk Broads The Biography

Also available

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